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What Are Urethane Foam Sheets

What are Urethane foam sheets | Foam compactorUrethane foam sheets are come in flexible sheets that are less than an inch thick, and are installed in homes and businesses to act as an insulative barrier which comprised of polymers linked by organic compounds called urethanes. Urethane foam sheets traditionally come in either two or three pound thicknesses. Continue reading

The Benefits of Urethane Foam Sheets

The Benefits of Urethane Foam Sheets | Foam CompactorWhile many different forms of insulation are available to homeowners, urethane sheets offer some significant benefits over other options. First, they are able to provide a high level of insulation in a very small space. They can be easily retrofit into existing walls without expanding the size of the partition. They also offer more effective insulative properties than traditional fiberglass due to the density of the material.

Foam insulating sheets come in several different varieties. Molded polystyrene is the most affordable option, and is easy to cut and install. Extruded polystyrene is similar, but is more durable and offers stronger insulative properties. Continue reading

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