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Why EPS foam a better packaging material than paper?

When choosing packaging materials, the following factors must be taken into consideration: thermal insulation performance, shock absorbing ability and environmental impacts.
The most apparent advantage of EPS foam over the cardboard is that its insulation performance is better. During the same time of 10 minutes, the paper cup losts twice as much heat as that in a foam cup. To protect people’s hand from the hot beverages, the paper cups must be two-layered or use some kind of wrap. Hence, the paper containers are bigger and heavier.
On the other hand, it is reported that, based on the life cycle analysis, the energy consumption and environmental impacts of EPS foam packaging is better than cardboard packaging as is shown in the following pictures.
Comparison of EPS Foam and Cardboard Packagings

Processes of Constructing EPS foam

Processes of Constructing EPS foam | Foam Compactors for foam recyclingThe first step in the process of constructing EPS foam is puffing the EPS resin. The EPS foam resin is puffed when in the manufacturing process they are places in a closed chamber and uncovered to steam.

At this time the warmth from the steam causes the pentane gasoline contained within every bead to broaden, at which will not be unusual to see the foam filler broaden by as a lot as 30-35 instances the starting size. Continue reading

The Way To Make EPS Foam Filler

EPS Foam Beads | The Way To Make EPS Foam FillerThe puffing of EPS (expanded polystyrene) resin, creating the puffed polystyrene beads is step one in producing EPS Foam blocks. The EPS resin is puffed when in the manufacturing course of they’re places in a closed chamber and uncovered to steam. Continue reading

Make Props Out of EPS Foam

Authentic-looking props are essential to setting the scene in a theatrical production. Set designers create stage props out of a variety of materials, including one of the most common materials, expanded polystyrene (EPS).

Make Props Out of EPS FoamLightweight and versatile, EPS foam makes a good choice for set design. Once coated with sculpting products, EPS foam becomes a sturdy material that you can reuse. EPS will help you bring your production to life with realistic props that will fool the eye. Continue reading

It’s Not Easy To Recycle Foam Food Containers

The vast majority of foam food-service products are used in commercial districts where there is no collection of foam for recycling. EPS foam food containers are typically not “clean” enough to be recycled.

Foam Compactors for Recycle Foam Food ContainersEPS foam materials from the waste stream (especially EPS food containers which are likely to have higher contamination from food), and the high costs of collecting, sorting, and transporting EPS, which often requires expensive densifying machines to reduce the volume of collected EPS materials. Continue reading

What Is XPS Foam?

XPSExtruded Poly Styrene is made from a completely different process than the EPS foam.  The XPS foam product starts as a solid polystyrene resin granule, which is then fed into an extruder or die where the granules are melted and then have critical additives mixed with this now viscous fluid.  This fluid then has a blowing agent injected to make the material foamable.  Under carefully controlled conditions where both heat and pressure are used, this foamable material is then forced through a fixture or die at which time the foaming takes place.  The rigid foam is then trimmed into the final dimensions or blocks.  This process produces a completely different cell structure to the foam from EPS.

XPS foam - Harden IndustryThis process provides a material called “Styrofoam”, which is a Dow Chemical trademarked name.  Mistakenly, most people assume the EPS that is used for coolers and coffee cups is “Styrofoam”, but it should be correctly referred to as EPS or beaded EPS foam.  Dow has been making the blue “Styrofoam” for well over 50 years, and the material has extensive use in the building trade. Continue reading
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