Foam Recycling

Did you know that your foam trash can be turned into picture frames and surfboards? Recycled foam is used to make a variety of everyday items, and recycling it is easy – once the foam products are collected, they are compacted into dense bricks and then converted into pellets that can be used to make …

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Uses Of EPS

There are several uses of EPS Foam: Food and Beverage ContainersStyrofoam, the Dow Chemical brand name for Polystyrene (EPS), is perhaps most widely known for its use as coffee cups, disposable plates and take-out containers.The reasons for its popularity is that it has excellent insulating properties that keep hot products hot and cold products cold much longer than disposable …

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Singapore Distributor Of SIEDON

It’s our honor to develop a distributor with H&Y Technique Pte Ltd in Singapore. Below is the contact information:  H&Y Technique Pte Ltd Address: Block 1057 Eunos Avenue 3 #02-73, Singapore 409848 Contact Person: Mr. Yuen YF Tel : (65) 6743 5369 Fax : (65) 6743 6935 Mobile : (65) 9671 6728 E-mail :

Flexible Polyurethane Foam

The opportunity to generate additional revenues while eliminating costly waste removal has caught the attention of many home furnishings manufacturers, foam fabricators, carpet installers and other converts of flexible polyurethane foam. An easy product to recycle, flexible polyurethane foam scrap is now generating revenue for many end-users. The flexible polyurethane foam industry has made great strides in …

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Polyurethane Foam Recycling Processes

Like other plastics, many polyurethane products can be recycled in various ways to remove them from the waste stream and to recapture the value inherent in the material. Most consumers are familiar with recycling plastic bottles and containers at curbside. Polyurethane foam recycling, on the other hand, usually happens elsewhere—on job sites, in industrial settings, during building …

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EPS Foam Shredder

EPS foam shredder reduces the volume of EPS foam and saves transportation costs. Foam shredder machine is a good way of processing EPS foam. Watch How Siedon EPS Foam Shredder Works? More information please check website: