Uses Of EPS

There are several uses of EPS Foam: Food and Beverage ContainersStyrofoam, the Dow Chemical brand name for Polystyrene (EPS), is perhaps most widely known for its use as coffee cups, disposable plates and take-out containers.The reasons for its popularity is that it has excellent insulating properties that keep hot products hot and cold products cold much longer than disposable …

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Singapore Distributor Of SIEDON

It’s our honor to develop a distributor with H&Y Technique Pte Ltd in Singapore. Below is the contact information:  H&Y Technique Pte Ltd Address: Block 1057 Eunos Avenue 3 #02-73, Singapore 409848 Contact Person: Mr. Yuen YF Tel : (65) 6743 5369 Fax : (65) 6743 6935 Mobile : (65) 9671 6728 E-mail :

Foam Recycling Criteria

Foam Recycling Criteria Not all materials are well suited for recycling. Post-consumer foam packaging must be clean and free of tape, film and cardboard. Expanded polystyrene made with a fire retardant additive, typically used in the manufacture of foam building insulation, requires special reprocessing conditions. To enhance collection efforts and maximize the investment in recycling equipment, AFPR recycling …

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EPS Foam Recycling Machine Manufacturer

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is relied upon to provide superior performance in various foam product applications. Foam is being used in thousands of different ways by individuals and businesses around the world, EPS is serving an important role in our everyday lives. Whether used as protective packaging for fragile items during shipment, as custom insulation in building applications …

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How Do Recycling Styrofoam Process?

Many industries such as the major electronic and car manufacturers and electrical retailers have successful, economically viable EPS recycling schemes. Following is the guideline of how main recycling Styrofoam work: 1. Compaction –Styrofoam must be segregated from other materials in order to recycle used EPS packaging,  Styrofoam is easily recognisable and can be collected at retail outlets, distribution centres, …

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